BENEFITS of Being Professionally Coached

As you look at your performance and balance in these 8 areas, are you where you WANT TO BE? If NOT, the lower  numbers are potential coaching focus areas.
Instructions: Rate yourself on how well you believe you are presently performing in each of the 8 categories. Scale: 10 = operating at your potential down to 0 = not doing anything at present
1. Business Planning
Periodically and systematically planning for business growth.
2. Prospecting
Keeping your prospect pipeline full plus converting prospects to clients.
3. Client Service
Providing financial planning, the right mix of financial services, and proactive contact with clients.
4. Practice Management
Having the right support team in place, operating efficiently, meeting compliance requirements, and providing the right type and amount of client support.
5. Client Retention
Earning client loyalty, and tapping into that loyalty for introductions and referrals to new prospects.
6. Life Balance
Maintaining a satisfying balance between the professional and personal dimensions of your life.
7. Knowledge & Skill
Continually gaining new professional knowledge and skills.
8. Technology
Keeping up with changes in telecommunications and other needed to facilitate present and future business growth. 

Coach 2 The Top, LLC

"The Mountain of Success is an Inward climb and is reflected in our perceptions of the outer world.”


We have numerous Certified coaches with various business backgrounds and expertise including Constance M Mahan, CEO of Coach 2 The Top LLC. Constance has been a Career Consultant and Certified Business Coach and brings with her experience from several industries including the financial industry, legal profession, and the medical HR field. In addition, she has been a sales professional and has experience in Sales Training/Coaching within one of the nations top corporations consistently ranked #1 within the financial services industry, it has been on Fortune Magazine’s #1 list of best places to work, and was also ranked in the top 10 in Training Magazine.

Constance knows the needs of the corporate environment, the sales professional, and the entrepreneur. She has many years of personal experience and that of working with many individuals in her career consulting experience. She brings with her and Coach 2 the Top LLC  a dedication to the personal growth of individuals and the companies of the clients with whom she is privileged to work with in attaining their vision and goals through the execution of the plans they develop.

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It will be worth your time. Corporations have seen ROI of 5.7 times their initial investment (a Return of over $100,000)

Sales Professionals show consistently an increase in production and improved consistency. Call us for an individual or corporate assessment. For more information, call us at: 314-703-5264 or email:

“The Mountain of Success is an Inward climb and is reflected in our perceptions of the outer world.”---unknown author